About Us

Why Findalot?


  • Findalot strives to give you only the best. Our goal is to give your clients and future clients all the information they need to reach you.

  • To be the “Go to” website for all information about any business.

  • Our unique service requires no maintanance on your behalf, we update your information for you and all it takes is an e-mail of the new information for us to update.


  • All new details or changes will be made within 48 working hours from the time Findalot receives the e-mail and a return email will be sent notifying you of the changes made.

    Your package includes the following : 

     –  Business logo and name

     –  Discription of your Business services or products

     –  Location and contact details

     –  Facebook marketing

     –  Any Specials will be added to your Listing as well as our Facebook page


  • Findalot will give your business the spotlight it deserves.


Package costs:

R250/per month


Contract Length

One year

Two years


Findalot is operated under Findalot (Pty) Ltd with registration number: 2015/024893/07

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